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Hassan Nasrallah: Israel is in despair after the defeats of Daech

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on 28 August 2017, following the complete surrender of the terrorists of Daech and Al-Nosra in Lebanon


Original video deleted by Youtube. See Kafka 2.0: How Youtube’s Political Censorship is Exercised


[...] We are truly facing a great victory (against Daesh in Lebanon). From there, consider that on May 25, 2000, we expelled the Zionist Occupying (Lebanon) and today we all (the Syrian and Lebanese armies and Islamic Resistance) have expelled the occupying terrorist takfiri. This is one of the fundamental similarities.

On the border, vast and sensitive areas (mountains, hills, strategic positions) were in the hands of the Zionists, and here also, vast expanses, mountains, heights, hills, strategic positions were in the hands of the takfiris. At the border, accross the international border, the Israelis were a permanent threat and that is always the case, and takfiris were a threat at every moment against all of Lebanon, especially against all the Bekaa, not only against Baalbeck-Hermel and border villages. 

Lately, everyone knows that they planned there, in the Jurd of Ersal, Daech was preparing suicide operations and attacks in Zahle and in the surrounding villages, but the intelligence services of the Lebanese army discovered them before the operations were conducted. 

Today we face this reality. And maybe it would come to the mind of some to say "ô Sayed [Nasrallah], as regards Israel, it is something very different (from what happens today)." But no, it is a continuation. Day after day, it is shown that these Daech and takfiri groups have been created by American power and fought to realize the Israeli project. They fought (in the interest of the) Israeli project. And what these takfiri terrorist groups have offered Israel, Israel could never get it for decades.

And more dangerously... I do not want to classify these two dangers, because I believe that these terrorist groups are fighting within the American-Israeli project, whether they know it or not. Their leaders know for sure. The fools are the fighters who got fooled by false and superficial slogans. Israel is an occupation and hegemony project. Israel is an occupying project. The United States are a project of hegemony. Daech and other takfiri groups are an extermination project. The extermination of all that is different (from them): Muslim, Christian, Sabean, Yazdi, everything. That is an extermination project. The extermatnion of man, of History, of civilization, of society, of all things. And then when our region is destroyed, its armies, its plans, its states, its institutions, its social structure, it will be offered (on a silver platter), primed, cooked to perfection, roasted and stuffed to America and Israel, so that they seize it and impose their conditions on everyone.

And that's why today, who is shedding tears over the fate of Daesh in Syria, in Qalamoun and in Iraq? Netanyahu and Israeli officials! It is they who mourn (bitterly) and yell sorrowful lamentations! Currently, their problem with the Trump administration is that it committed itself to the eradication of Daesh as a priority, the same administration that recognizes that this is the Obama (and Clinton) administration who created Daesh. This is why no one should come and say that there is a big difference between the Liberation of South(-Lebanon in 2000 against Israel) and this battle (against Daesh) and that the liberation of South ranks first (in importance), and that (the Liberation of our borders) is in 10th place (for example) in any way! (Liberation of southern Lebanon against Israel) is first, (the Liberation of our borders against Daech) comes right away in second place! For it is a continuation of the battle against Israel.

Read Israeli (statements and press). (Unfortunately), the Lebanese and the Arabs do not read much. Read what they say, what they write, especially these days, with the ongoing eradication of Daesh in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, so that you realize clearly that Daesh is a true Israeli project.

We are indeed facing the Second Liberation (of Lebanon). The date of the First Liberation is May 25, 2000. The date of the Second Liberation, for history, is today (28 August 2017). I do not mean the day (to be selected for an annual commemoration of this event). Today we wrote... Last time, today's date, August 28, 2017, was empty (of any commemoration) in the calendar. But not for 2018. By the will of God, this day and this month are written by the Lebanese Army, the Syrian army and fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. This was written today (in the annals of History): August 28, 2017 is the Day of the Second Liberation, which will be recorded as a glorious day in the history of Lebanon and the history of the region.

Now whether the Lebanese government (led by the pro-Saudi Saad Hariri and his March 14 coalition, facing the movement of March 8, with Hezbollah and its allies) recognizes it or not, that's their problem, just like what happened on May 25, 2000. The situation was somewhat different at the time, that date was declared a national holiday, then was removed from the calendar at the time of a previous Prime Minister. But then, thanks God, a head of government redid the occasion of May 25 a day of remembrance. 

We now have an opportunity to commemorate: August 28, 2017. I speak only of the historical event that took place on August 28, I do not write the history (and national holidays) myself. But today there is no longer any daechiste, takfiri, (member of) Al-Nusra Front or (any other terrorist) on the least grain of sand, any mountain or any Lebanese hill. It was on that date (this event occurred). After that, if the government wants to keep that date, or choose August 27, August 25, August 31 or September 3 (for the commemoration), I have no problem. I do not precede anyone, I speak only of the historical event.

On this basis, I wish to conclude with this call (to celebrate this event this Thursday 31th, the day of Arafat, on the eve of Eid-al-Adha): you remember that on May 25, 2000, it is all Lebanon who won, and Lebanon was happy with the victory (against Israel), with the exception of those who had placed their hopes in the Israeli occupation, and there were (a number) in the country, and those who had placed their hopes in the army of Antoine Lahd. So on that day, there was a majority (of Lebanese) happy, and (a minority) of people whose faces were darkened (with bitterness) because their plans had collapsed.

Today... But (in 2000), the happiest people, despite the fact that it was a national day, celebration and victory, were southerners, residents of southern Lebanon and Jabal Amel who were the happiest of all with this victory and this Liberation. The reason is simple: it is because the occupation took place on their mountains, their hills, their cities, it is their sons and daughters who were imprisoned, their peasants and farmer were fired at, and a daily threat was hanging over them. We remember the bombing against Sidon and Nabatiye and children and schoolchildren's heads torn in the streets. It is quite normal that the people of the South, who are those who have suffered most and have the most sacrificed,were (more) happy on May 25, 2000.

Today, all of Lebanon won, and logically, the vast majority (of the population) is pleased, with the exception of those who have placed their hopes on the Al-Nusra Front, on Daesh and the regional states and world powers that stand behind them. It is understandable that they are angry, saddened and dismayed, and they offer their condolences, it is normal. And a few days ago, 2 or 3 weeks, they have insulted, reviled and slandered us, but let them act as they please. We understand their sadness and pain.

But with certainty, the vast majority of Lebanese are happy because without these (victorious) confrontations for several years to date, Daesh, the Al-Nusra Front and their like could have seized the Bekaa, the North and reached other places in Lebanon and we would have experienced a disaster. See what happened in the country and the societies around us (Syria, Iraq, Libya). 

But it is also natural that the happiest people in the Second Liberation are our noble people of the Bekaa. They are the ones whose mountains, Jurds and fields, were attacked with car bombs and suicide bombers, against Hermel, Bekaa and Ras Baalbek, and the whole area was threatened upto all Zahle and the Bekaa, and now that this nightmare disappeared from their mountains, their hills, their Jurds, their homes and their lands, they sure are going to be the happiest of all. For they have suffered more than all, and in this battle, it is among them that there was the most sacrificed (martyrs).

It is true that our brothers, our families and the officers and soldiers of the Lebanese Army came from all regions of Lebanon and fought on this front, but there is no doubt that today in the Bekaa, there are no villages, especially in Baalbek-Hermel, in which are not found one, two or three martyrs, and one, two or three wounded. The Bekaa residents have also shaped this victory by the blood of their loved ones and their children, the apple of their eyes, the best elements among their young men. Not to mention the wounded who are still in the homes and in hospitals. Therefore it is normal that they are happy, congratulate themselves and take pride in this victory which is a national victory in general,but especially a victory for the Bekaa. [...]

Hassan Nasrallah : Israël est au désespoir face aux défaites de Daech

Discours du Secrétaire Général du Hezbollah, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah,  le 28 août 2017, suite à la capitulation complète des terroristes de Daech et d'Al-Nosra au Liban

Vidéo originale supprimée par Youtube. Voir Kafka 2.0 : Comment s’exerce la censure politique sur Youtube

Transcription :  

[...] Nous sommes donc véritablement face à une très grande victoire (face à Daech au Liban). Partant de là, il faut considérer que le 25 mai 2000, nous avons expulsé l'Occupant sioniste (du Liban), et qu'aujourd'hui, nous tous (les armées syrienne et libanaise et la Résistance islamique) avons expulsé l'occupant terroriste takfiri. C'est là une des similitudes fondamentales. 

Sur la frontière, des territoires vastes et sensibles (des montagnes, des hauteurs, des positions stratégiques) étaient aux mains des sionistes, et ici également, de vastes étendues, des montagnes, des hauteurs, des collines, des positions stratégiques étaient aux mains des takfiris. A la frontière, de l'autre côté de la frontière internationale, les Israéliens représentaient une menace en permanence et c'est toujours le cas, et les takfiris représentaient une menace à chaque instant contre tout le Liban, et en particulier contre toute la Bekaa, pas seulement contre Baalbeck-Hermel et les villages frontaliers.

Dernièrement, tout le monde sait qu'ils planifiaient là-bas, dans le Jurd de Ersal, Daech préparait des opérations suicide et des attentats à Zahlé et dans les villages alentours, mais les services de renseignement de l'armée libanaise les ont découverts avant que les opérations ne soient menées. 

Aujourd'hui, nous sommes face à cette réalité. Et peut-être qu'il viendrait à l'esprit de certains de dire « ô Sayed [Nasrallah], en ce qui concerne Israël, c'est une chose très différente (de ce qui se passe aujourd'hui). » Mais non, c'est une continuation. Jour après jour, il est démontré que Daech et tous ces groupes takfiris ont été créés par le pouvoir américain et ont combattu pour réaliser le projet israélien. Ils ont combattu (dans les intérêts) du projet israélien. Et ce que ces groupes terroristes takfiris ont offert à Israël, Israël n'avait jamais pu l'obtenir durant des décennies. 

Et plus dangereux encore... Je ne veux pas classer ces deux dangers, car je considère que ces groupes terroristes combattent au sein même du projet américano-israélien, qu'ils le sachent ou non. Leurs dirigeants le savent avec certitude. Les dupes sont les combattants qui se sont laissés berner par les slogans mensongers et superficiels. Israël est un projet d'occupation et d'hégémonie. Israël est un projet d'occupation. Les Etats-Unis sont un projet d'hégémonie. Daech et les autres groupes takfiris sont un projet d'extermination. D'extermination de tout ce qui est différent (d'eux) : musulman, chrétien, Sabéen, Yazdi, absolument tout. C'est un projet d'extermination. L'extermination de l'homme, de l'Histoire, de la civilisation, de la société, de toute chose. Et ensuite, lorsque notre région aura été détruite, ses armées, ses régimes, ses Etats, ses institutions, sa structure sociale,elle sera offerte (sur un plateau d'argent), apprêtée, cuite à point, rôtie et farcie à l'Amérique et à Israël, pour qu'elles s'en emparent et imposent leurs conditions à tout le monde. 

Et c'est pourquoi, aujourd'hui, qui donc verse des larmes sur le sort de Daech en Syrie,dans le Qalamoune, en Irak ? Netanyahu et les responsables israéliens ! Ce sont eux qui pleurent (à chaudes larmes) et qui poussent des lamentations (éplorées) ! Actuellement, leur problème avec l'administration de Trump est qu'elle s'est engagée à faire de l'éradication de Daech sa priorité, cette administration même qui reconnait que c'est l'administration d'Obama (et Clinton) qui a créé Daech. 

C'est pour cela que personne ne doit venir nous dire qu'il y a une grande différence entre la libération du Sud(-Liban en 2000 face à Israël) et cette bataille (contre Daech), et que la libération du Sud vient en première place (d'importance), et que celle (de nos frontières) est au 10e rang (par exemple), en aucune façon ! (La libération du Sud-Liban face à Israël vient) en premier, (la libération de nos frontières face à Daech) est tout de suite en deuxième position ! Car c'est une continuation de la bataille contre Israël.

Lisez (les déclarations et la presse) israéliennes. Les Libanais et les Arabes ne lisent (malheureusement) pas beaucoup. Lisez ce qu'ils disent, ce qu'ils écrivent, surtout ces jours-ci, avec l'éradication de Daech en Irak, en Syrie et au Liban, afin de bien vous rendre compte que Daech est un véritable projet israélien. 

Nous sommes donc bel et bien face à la Seconde Libération (du Liban). La date de la Première Libération est le 25 mai 2000. La date de la Seconde Libération, pour l'Histoire, est aujourd'hui (28 août 2017). Je ne parle pas du jour (qui sera sélectionné pour une commémoration annuelle de cet événement). Aujourd'hui, nous devons écrire... La dernière fois, dans le calendrier, la date d'aujourd'hui, le 28 août 2017, était vide (de toute commémoration). Mais pas pour 2018. Par la volonté de Dieu, ce jour et ce mois (a été gravé dans l'Histoire) par l'Armée libanaise, l'Armée syrienne et les combattants de la Résistance islamique au Liban. Cela a été écrit aujourd'hui (dans les annales de l'Histoire) : le 28 août 2017 est le Jour de la Seconde Libération, qui sera enregistré comme un jour glorieux dans l'Histoire du Liban et l'Histoire de la région.

Maintenant, que le gouvernement libanais (dirigé par le pro-saoudien Saad Hariri et sa coalition du 14 mars, face au mouvement du 8 mars du Hezbollah et de ses alliés) la reconnaisse ou pas, c'est son problème,tout comme ce qui s'est passé le 25 mai 2000. La situation était quelque peu différente à l'époque : cette date avait été décrétée jour de fête nationale, puis a été supprimée du calendrier à l'époque d'un des Premiers ministres précédents. Mais ensuite, Dieu merci, un chef de gouvernement suivant a refait de l'occasion du 25 mai un jour de commémoration à respecter.

Nous avons maintenant une occasion à commémorer : le 28 août 2017. Je ne parle que de l'événement historique qui a eu lieu le 28 août, je n'écris pas l'histoire de moi-même. Mais aujourd'hui, il n'y a plus aucun daechiste, takfiri, (membre du) Front al-Nosra ou (tout autre terroriste) sur le moins grain de sable, la moindre montagne ou la moindre colline du Liban. C'est à cette date (que cet événement s'est produit). Après, si le gouvernement souhaite garder cette date, ou choisir le 27 août, le 25 août, le 31 août, ou le 3 septembre (pour la commémoration), je n'ai aucun problème. Je ne précède personne, je ne parle que de (la date de) l'événement historique. 

Sur cette base, je souhaite conclure par cet appel (à célébrer cette occasion à Baalbeck le 31 août, le jour de Arafat et la veille de l'Aïd-al-Adha) : vous vous rappelez que le 25 mai 2000, c'est tout le Liban qui a gagné, et le Liban était heureux de cette victoire, à l'exception de ceux qui avaient placé leurs espoirs dans l'occupation israélienne, et il y en avait (un certain nombre) dans le pays, et de ceux qui avaient placé leurs espoirs dans l'armée d'Antoine Lahd. Et c'est pourquoi ce jour-là, il y avait une majorité (de Libanais) heureux, et (une minorité) de gens dont les visages étaient assombris (par l'amertume) car leurs projets s'étaient effondrés.

Aujourd'hui.... Mais (en 2000), les gens les plus heureux, malgré le fait qu'il s'agissait d'une journée, d'une fête et d'une victoire nationales, ce sont les habitants du Sud, les habitants du Sud du Liban et de Jabal Amel qui étaient les plus heureux de tous face à cette victoire et à cette Libération. La raison en est simple : c'est parce que l'occupation avait eu lieu sur leurs montagnes, leurs collines, leurs villes, que ce sont leurs fils et leurs filles qui étaient emprisonnés, on tirait sur leurs paysans et leurs agriculteurs, et une menace quotidienne pesait sur eux. On se souvient des bombardements contre Saïda et Nabatiye et des têtes arrachées des enfants et des écoliers dans les rues. Il est tout à fait normal que les habitants du Sud, qui sont ceux qui ont le plus souffert et se sont le plus sacrifiés, aient été (les plus) heureux le 25 mai 2000.

Aujourd'hui, tout le Liban a gagné, et en toute logique, la grande majorité (de la population) est heureuse, à l'exception de ceux qui ont placé leurs espoirs sur le Front al-Nosra, sur Daech et sur les états régionaux et les puissances mondiales qui se tiennent derrière eux. Il est compréhensible qu'ils soient fâchés, attristés et consternés, et qu'ils présentent leurs condoléances, c'est normal. Et il y a quelques jours, 2 ou 3 semaines, ils (nous) ont insultés, injuriés, calomniés, mais qu'ils agissent à leur guise. Nous comprenons leur tristesse et leur douleur.

Mais en toute certitude, la grande majorité des Libanais sont heureux, car sans ces confrontations (victorieuses) depuis plusieurs années jusqu'à ce jour, Daech, le Front al-Nosra et leurs semblables auraient pu s'emparer de la Bekaa, du Nord et parvenir à d'autres endroits du Liban et on aurait vécu une catastrophe. Voyez donc ce qui s'est passé dans les pays et les sociétés autour de nous (Syrie, Irak, Libye). Mais il est également naturel que les gens les plus heureux de cette Seconde Libération soient notre noble peuple de la Bekaa. Car ce sont eux dont les montagnes étaient occupées, ainsi que les Jurds et les champs, à qui on envoyait des voitures piégées et des kamikazes, contre Hermel, la Bekaa, et Ras Baalbeck, et toute la région était menacée jusqu'à Zahlé et toute la Bekaa, et aujourd'hui que ce cauchemar se dissipe de leurs montagnes, de leurs collines, de leurs Jurds, de leurs maisons et de leurs terres, il est certain qu'ils vont être les plus heureux de tous.

Car ils ont souffert plus que tous, et dans cette bataille, c'est parmi eux qu'il y a eu le plus de sacrifiés (martyrs). Il est vrai que nos frères, nos familles et les officiers et soldats de l'Armée libanaise venaient toutes les régions du Liban et ont combattu sur ce front, mais il ne fait aucun doute qu'aujourd'hui, dans la Bekaa, il n'y a aucun village, surtout à Baalbeck-Hermel, où ne se trouvent pas un, deux ou trois martyrs, et un, deux ou trois blessés. Les habitants de la Bekaa ont également façonné cette victoire par le sang de leurs bien-aimés et de leurs enfants, la prunelle de leurs yeux, les meilleurs éléments d'entre leurs jeunes gens. Sans parler des blessés qui sont toujours dans les maisons et dans les hôpitaux. C'est pourquoi il est normal qu'ils se réjouissent, se félicitent et s'enorgueillissent de cette victoire qui est une victoire nationale de manière générale, mais aussi tout particulièrement une victoire pour la Bekaa. [...]

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Bashar al-Assad on the Utter Corruption of the West and Eastern Future of Syria

Speech by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad on August 20th, 2017 to the Syrian Diplomatic Corps

Original video deleted by Youtube. See Kafka 2.0: How Youtube’s Political Censorship is Exercised

Full transcript:
Ladies and gentlemen, diplomats and administrators of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
I am pleased to meet with you on this day of the inauguration of your congress, which offers an important opportunity to share perspectives and experiences, discuss future State policies and propose innovative ideas that would push this Ministry to fulfill its missions even more effectively.
This meeting is important because of the acceleration of the dynamics of events in the world and in the region, particularly in Syria, especially since traditional or modern means of communication cannot replace these direct meetings aimed at configuring unified visions and formulating adopted positions. It is also a particularly important meeting given the complexity of the current situation in Syria.
Several parallel wars are taking place on Syrian soil
Indeed, this war that we have been living for years has proved that several parallel wars are taking place on Syrian soil. World and regional wars carried out by Syrian, Arab and foreign hands; which does absolutely not mean that it is by chance that the belligerents came to confront each other on this land. Throughout its history, Syria has been a target, the one who controls it gaining an important influence on the world stage or the international balance.
In order not to give in boasting as some might believe, let us recall once more the Battle of Qadesh about the year 1274 BC. It culminated in the first peace treaty drafted between the Pharaohs and the Hittites who met southwest of Homs. From this time on, the Pharaohs believed that the security of their kingdom passed through the domination of this region. Many other examples of this struggle for the control of Syria extend throughout the period of the Ottoman occupation and that which followed the departure of the French occupant. And, today, we are part of this struggle.
This is why it is very superficial to say that this war is the consequence of the positions taken by Syria, the West having decided to correct the Syrian state. Although this is absolutely true, it is only part of a wider reality related to the international conflict and attempts to change, or stabilize, international balances, through military or political ways and according to their economic or geographical consequences. In other words, by the creation of new States, the disappearance of other States or the modification of their borders.
For the West, this conflict is a valuable opportunity to settle its accounts and to subject many countries that have rebelled against its hegemony in recent decades. Among these countries: Syria, Iran, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Belarus, etc. Even Russia, a superpower and not an emerging country, is not allowed to revolt against Western hegemony.
The political West and the global conflict between two forces
When I speak of “the West” it is in the political sense of the term. I will not name the States that constitute it, we all know who runs it, as we know that much of this “political West” – with probably states located in extreme Asia – has nothing to do with politics, but walk with it. It is therefore about this West that I shall speak in my speech today.

Hassan Nasrallah compares Hezbollah and the Israeli army

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on the occasion of the commemoration of the victory of the 2006 war on 13 August 2017


Original video deleted by Youtube. See Kafka 2.0: How Youtube’s Political Censorship is Exercised


[...] This town of Khiam [where is being held this annual commemoration of the victory of 2006, and where stood the center of detention and torture of Israel from 1985 to 2000], like other border towns and the inland towns, fought for 33 days and endured with patience, and despite the thousands of air strikes and artillery shelling, and continuous approach attempts to seize and occupy, it resisted and endured. 

The eyes of the enemy were glued to the town of Khiam, because of its importance in moral terms, and of its decisive geographical position in the confrontation. But the Resistance of this city and the people who stayed there with them resisted and fought, as did the inhabitants of other cities adjacent to the barbed wire of the border. And they showed great resistance exploits, steadfastness and heroism (that is engraved in History).

Much of the city was destroyed, but it was rebuilt, because here in Lebanon there is the will to resist, to persevere and endure, and the desire to build, to revitalize, to live, to live with dignity and honor, by way of confirming the attachment of this great nation to its land, its villages, its hills, its fields and plains, that she will never forsake or abandon, whatever the circumstances.

We now return to the plain [of Khiam]. Some years ago we commemorated the (victory of the) war of July (2006) at Wadi (Valley) al-Hujayr. There is no doubt that Wadi al-Hujayr was (the scene of) the massacre of Merkava (Israeli tanks). The Israelis themselves speak of the massacre of Merkava at Wadi al-Hujayr. The plain of Khiam is second (for Israeli losses), just after Wadi al-Hujayr, and it is called the blaze of the Merkava. The blaze of the Merkava.

About what happened on the (Khiam) plain, let me simply read the statements of the commander of the battalion that entered the plain and who believed, with his superior the regimental commander, with Khiam being besieged and destroyed, that this plain would be empty because it was impossible for the Resistance to be there that day, that the capacity to resist was impossible, and that this operation would be very easy, victory was supposedly gained there and absolute. But let us read this Israeli text.

The battalion commander said: It is difficult to describe this situation better than with the expression ‘we got shot like geese’.” That is to say, a group of geese, ducks or whatever you want that are shot (on all sides) by hunters. Such was the scene. This is the battalion commander who uses these terms. Under a hail of fire, Merkava tanks and armored Puma suffered direct hits. A soldier was killed. The chief combat engineer was seriously injured. And so all forces were scattered in the valley.” Here, he speaks in a very formal language. It means that they fled in all directions (it was a rout). And so all forces were scattered in the valley. And the soldiers left (their tanks) terrified.” These rats hiding in their tanks.The soldiers came out of the Merkava terrified and hid in the region.

Of course, a number of tanks was destroyed, and all this is proven. Videos are available. Some tanks were burned, some fled and he says Two tanks fell into the channels [water]...” [go look for (the name) of these channels in which the tanks fell] ... and their guns sank, which increased the difficulty of their rescue.

Then the Commander-in-chief of the northern region (of Israel) spoke to the battalion commander and said: We need you to put an end to this farce, (you have to order a) withdrawal (of troops) and forget the idea of ​​seizing Khiam.” He added : A handful of Hezbollah soldiers threw a whole (military) battalion in such disorder and confusion that they have forgotten the most basic notions of battle.

It is not a question, my dear brothers, of quantity (of soldiers / equipment), of tanks, but (of quality) of men. A handful of men remained on the plain despite thousands of Israeli air strikes, thousands of artillery shells, the advancing mass of a full military battalion... But (Hezbollah fighters) stood still and held their ground in the field, they were not afraid, they did not flicker, like mountains (firmly) rooted. And in front, a (whole) battalion of the Israeli army, when hit by a few anti-tank missiles, they dispersed in the region like frightened rats.

This is the equation of the July War (2006). The Human Equation, the resistant man, the man who believes in his God, in his cause, in his right, in his way, in his resistance. And that is the truth of what we call the men of God, those who believe in Him, strive to (get) His satisfaction, who love Him and fervently yearn to meet Him, against (the Israelis) who claim falsely and in a slanderous way that they are the beloved (chosen people) of God to the exclusion of other people, but who do not want to die [Quran, 62, 6-7], and instead ardently love life, even a humiliating life in flight and concealment. This is the essential lesson today.

Well, this (glorious) example proposed by the Resistance on the plain of Khiam, the Wadi (valley) of al-Hujayr, and all the valleys, hills, mountains and plains of the South, is itself an example, but (it must be interpreted) in a tenfold way (for the future). Tenfold on all points: in quality, manner, quantity. In terms of men, combat experience (battle-hardened), the type of combat, the nature and extent of our means and capacities. Any Israeli ground force that will enter our land, our mountains, our hills and valleys will not be received by (the equivalent of) what happened in 2006 on the plain of Khiam or Wadi al-Hujayr but by hundreds and hundreds of times worse. This is the truth that awaits them here. And the defeat, shame and humiliation they suffered (in 2006) are nothing compared to what awaits them, which will be much more severe, violent and extreme. [...]

Bashar al-Assad on Turkey's support for terrorism: Erdogan is a political beggar

Speech by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad on August 20th, 2017 to the Syrian Diplomatic Corps

See full transcript: Bashar al-Assad on the Utter Corruption of the West and Eastern Future of Syria

Original video deleted by Youtube. See Kafka 2.0: How Youtube’s Political Censorship is Exercised


[...] Just as we have responded flexibly to promote dialogue initiatives, we welcomed positively those on the cessation of fighting, even if we had no doubt that terrorists would benefit from these initiatives to fool us (betraying their commitments), as they have done repeatedly. But our forces were on alert.

Hence the question: if the results of the meetings are non-existent and if they do not honor their agreements, why waste our time? Because since the beginning of the crisis, we have not missed any opportunity to stop the bloodshed without strive to grasp it, even when hope was minimal, in order to preserve the innocent.

From there, we attended the Astana meetings, starting from a clear national vision, and great trust in our friends, Iran and Russia. But what about the third partner Turkey?

We do not view it as guarantor or partner in the peace process and, of course, we do not trust it. It supports terrorists. It guarantees nothing but for terrorists. And the real reason for the participation of Turkey in Astana Congress is that Erdogan has no other options before him. Terrorists fall everywhere, successive defeats, scandals also because of his relations with terrorists. Therefore, to enter the process of Astana is on one hand a kind of cover, and also allows h to protect terrorists. That is what he did and, as you know, the blocking of a number of sessions took place to protect the terrorists.

On the other hand, the participation of Erdogan in the Astana meetings gives it a role in Syria, a role it seeks to legitimize its role and the presence of Turkish units in Syria, that is, to legitimize the occupation, whereas our position was straight away clear: any Turkish individual present on Syrian soil without the consent of the Syrian government is an occupier.

This means that Erdogan has practically become a kind of political beggar on the roadside, begging for any role, because he feels the imbalance in Turkey and the scandal of his relationship with terrorists that is clearly discovered throughout the world.

And indeed, if he remains in power, it is not for his wit and wisdom as some try to present it, but because he still has a role to play in supporting terrorists in Syria. But if the Syrian situation were to end in favor of terrorism or other forces supporting terrorism, he would become useless and no one would support his maintenance. He therefore remained in power because of his role of the moment in Syria: a destructive role. [...]

Bashar al-Assad: Terrorism in Europe is the Result of Irresponsible Policies

Speech by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad on August 20th, 2017 to the Syrian Diplomatic Corps

Original video deleted by Youtube. See Kafka 2.0: How Youtube’s Political Censorship is Exercised
[...] The result of this resistance (of Syria) and the price we paid (for it) is (also) the shifts that have occurred recently in Western statements, which did not occur because their human conscience awoke and regained its health, or because they have (finally) felt that Syria is oppressed or anything like that. (The West) made this change because of the resistance of the people, of the state and of the armed forces (of Syria). And of course because of the support of our allies.

(The West) did not make this change because it has ethics or morality, because we have never seen any such thing, even before the war. But it is the reality on the ground in Syria, and the reality on the ground in their own countries (which imposed this turnaround on them). And today, a week or a month do not go by without an event (terrorist attack) occurring which is the direct result of their stupidity in their decision making and support for terrorism in the region. It is these realities that have forced them to change their positions, even partially, in a shy manner and without conviction,but these shifts were imposed on them.

This change of position does not mean a change of policy. The West, like the snake, changes its skin depending on the situation. At first they talked about supporting the popular movement, the popular movement that has never exceeded, in the best case, 200,000 people paid (by the West and the Gulf) throughout Syria, a country of 24 million inhabitants. 

And after having tried their best, with weapons beings present on the stage but in a hidden way, to perpetrate massacres and foment sedition, they have failed, and passed to the open support to armed groups but they gave them the name of "opposition" as a cover, that is to say they presented them as political (factions), giving them a political color, and they were presented as "moderate", that is to say, as not extremists. Or the political denomination "opposition" was to (suggest) that they are not terrorists.

When this project failed and they were exposed for what they are (terrorists) in the eyes of the world public opinion, and in the eyes of the regional and local public opinion in their own countries, they switched to another version, the humanitarian pretext. We are currently at this stage. To summarize, it consists in keeping absolute silence as the terrorists advance or whatever, and perpetrate massacres and killings against civilians, but when it's the (Syrian) Army that is advancing at the expense of terrorists, then suddenly we begin to hear cries, lamentation and intercession to stop us, with the pretext of humanitarian slogans to stop the effusion of blood, to escort humanitarian aid, and other excuses that we Syrians know well.  Their real goal is to provide an opportunity for armed groups to reform their ranks, to motivate, to bring equipment and to send reinforcements to help them, so they can continue their terrorist acts. 

In truth, all these various tactics they employed during these stages could never deceive us in any case. From day one, we recognized terrorism, and on the first day, we hit terrorism, during the first stage, the second and third, and will continue to do so, as long as there is any terrorist anywhere in Syria. As for the media and the psychological war they conducted during the last several years, it could never, not a single moment, influence us to be distracted from this goal, namely combating terrorism, or to push us towards fear or hesitation. [...]

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